Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The 'Best,' Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever

A recent trend I have noticed is that everyone seems to be posting about their discovery of the absolute best chocolate chip cookie recipe they have ever come across.  Now for those who think that the oven is just another out-of-season, sweater storage device (don't laugh, i've seen it!) this is nothing even remotely earth shattering but for those of us who number among the baking obsessed, it's downright frustrating.
I discovered my ultimate chocolate chip recipe and posted it here, last Autumn.  I have seen two more come up in just the last week here and here.  Fortunately, I have another get-together coming up this weekend so I think i'll give the less complicated one a try and we'll see who's cookie comes out on top (yes, I admit to my laziness but blame it on Summer ; ).
I'm sure there are many more of you out there with 'ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipes,' to share so please post yours as well!
Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies?  This would have never
occurred to me but apparently some people love them!
Happy Wednesday everyone!  It's been a crazy week thus far and we're only half-way there but at least I will have plenty of stories to tell when it's over.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Things I Did Not Do Yesterday

Yesterday I did not do an amazing amount of work on my dissertation so that a magical, fully outlined copy is now resting on the desk in front of me....ahem...
One framboise and one pistache macaron from
Paul's Bakery
Instead, I recovered from my bout of under-the-weatherness with my favorite macarons from Paul (only had one because they are huge!  Perhaps i'll switch to Laduree next time), a breakfast pizza for dinner, and a bottle of wine from my absolute favorite region of France, Burgundy.
Attempt number two at this recipe.  I know some people might
be grossed out by the eggs but don't let the addition fool you.
I had this for the first time in Italy and I thought it was going
to be gross as well but it's absolute heaven when you get it right!
It was a strange sort of combination for a strange sort of day but overall it was heaven with a mix of things I have either been meaning to make again or just plain missed.
I don't normally post about wine
or alcohol but it is so hard to find
a good burgundy outside of France
and I missed it so much that I finally
went looking for one.
I hope everyone is having a good week thus far and looking forward to Friday!