Monday, 12 May 2014

Weekend Update

This weekend, I wore polka dots, leopard print and snakeskin - all in one outfit, went to a Cher concert and witnessed Cyndi Lauper rocking out with Liza Minelli and Rosie O'Donnell, ran a 10K for kidney health in the UAE and drank red wine that smelled like brussel sprouts.

The outfit actually garnered several compliments (someone famous, can't recall who, once said "if you're going to take a chance, you might as well go big"), the Cher concert was so majestic that there are no words, the race was odd but fun and the wine was pretty good....once you got past the smell of veggies.

My mix was a bit brighter but it totally works!

Memorable places from the weekend are:

  • Berry Park (Great beer selection and the Park Fries are delicious!)
  • Smorgasburg (They have two locations but the Saturday edition in Williamsburg is my favorite)
  • ANYplace Cher is
  • East Harlem Cafe (A tiny coffee shop on the edge of Spanish Harlem with super cheap iced coffee and scones, located conveniently close to Central Park)
  • Gourmet Garage (A foodie haven on 96th and Park, perfect for picnic in the park prep) 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Best Margaritas in Midtown

I met up with a friend yesterday for  my Cinco de Mayo margarita at Sinigual, a Midtown Mexican restaurant. Unfortunately, the rest of Midtown had the same idea. My oh so heroic friend then stepped in and whisked us away to POD 39. My first thought was - pod - that's a Japanese pod hotel right? Now I love sushi but it's not among the normal 5th of May traditions i'd ever heard of. Turns out they actually have one of the coolest bars in Midtown.

For those of you that work in the area, we all know that saying you found a 'cool bar in Midtown' is sadly ironic and kind of sad in general. For anyone from out of town scratching their head at this statement, Midtown is where most of us come to pretend we're grownups and play at finance, non-profit, etc... It's deserted after business hours and the bars are generally happy hour spots on the way to fun dinners in other parts of town. However, I will amend that statement to say that POD 39 makes a mean margarita and has a wait-list of 60-90 people by 6 pm for the rooftop bar (I highly recommend you check it out).

Only one word of caution - the margs are super strong! Not that i'm one to drink and tell but take it easy you're first go 'round.

Cheers and Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Monday, 5 May 2014

Southern Weekend

Last Saturday, I spent far too much time in a large, straw hat, sipping on mint juleps in honor of the Kentucky Derby in NYC! Who would've guessed that some of the best BBQ I'd ever find would be in Brooklyn? Check out Mable's BBQ in Williamsmburg and stop in at the Brooklyn Brewery while you're in the neighborhood. Now it's time for a cool margarita in honor of Cinco de Mayo!

Expat Musings of a Southern Soul

This morning, I awoke to a text from a very good friend, asking me why the last post on this site was from 2 years ago. While I can't believe it's been two years, the answer was simple enough - I stopped because the desire to write and the feeling that my views could be of any value to the outside world vanished.

I left London for NYC by way of Dallas, TX two years ago and left my entire basis for writing - an expat in London - behind. When the dust settled and I finally had the time to re-vamp and re-configure my viewpoint, I found that I didn't have one I felt that strongly about anymore. So instead of filling your notifications with useless gibbering about how wonderful NYC is, I took a hiatus. 

That said, I promise that I haven't come back because I suddenly feel like writing another Sex and The City, NYC hopeful blog - no one needs that crap. Nope. Apparently, this girl, who spent the past 20 something years running from her heritage, has secretly been VERY Southern this whole time and after two years, I am ready to admit and embrace it.

So let the Kate Spade, BBQ, country music, and sweet tea worship begin. My Vera Bradley embossed cards are on the table and I am ready to bring an annoyingly bright and sunshiny piece of the South, mixed in with a jumble of confusing traditions from my other countries, to the rest of you.

Ps.To the friend that called me out and brought me back - Thank You