Friday, 17 October 2014

Café M

About a month ago, a tiny slice of Paris opened up on 32nd, between 5th and Madison...and no one seems to know about it. This little gem is known simply as Café M, needing no further explanation as the promising smell of coffee and rows of pastries draw you and and keep you coming back.

 Admittedly, it took me until about two weeks ago to wander in. The perfect Autumn day gave me over to feelings of nostalgia for Paris and the devout wish that I could wander into a tiny pâtisserie, pick up a croissant, and wander over to le Jardin des Tuileriess . Low and behold, Café M happened to be on my way to work, upon the discovery of which, I gleefully ducked in for a spinach and ricotta turnover and a fantastic café mocha (I swear, they put real melted chocolate in it).

Friday morning mocha
It may not be a real pâtisserie and NYC is a long way from Paris but it's a welcome hint of nostalgia that is quickly becoming a Friday morning ritual.

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