Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Drinking Games and Puppy Chow

When my friend asked me if we could play a drinking game based on Love Actually, (on the pretense that I could use it to blog about) I said yes before she could finish the sentence. Of course, any good game needs a killer snack to balance out whatever libation is thematically appropriate.

To accompany the evening's lineup of cab-sauvs (my favorite), I pulled a childhood favorite out of the archives and made a simple but oh so tasty, giant bowl of puppy chow.

You know how much I love simple recipes and this one is more of the same:

Measure out 7 cups of rice chexs in a large mixing bowl and set aside.

Melt butter, chocolate chips, and peanut butter together in a pot over medium heat, stirring constantly to avoid the chocolate burning or separating.

One melted, add to the large mixing bowl and gently fold with the chex until they are evenly coated. *The recipe will coat almost all of the cereal you've got but start out with 7 cups and add additional as needed.

Once mixed, set aside and prep a double layer of large ziploc bags with the tops folded back to stay clear of the chocolate-peanut butter goo. Scoop half of the rice chex mix into the double layered bag, top with 2 cups powdered sugar, seal, and shake until the chex are completely coated in the sugar.

Place in a clean serving bowl and repeat with the last half of the mixture.

Now you're done and ready to enjoy a childhood-esque sugar rush!

Ps.This was a great game, great snack, and we're planning to follow up with a Holiday version!


- 1/2 c butter, unsalted
- 1 c chocolate chips (mini-semisweet Gihrardelli will melt faster and be easier to work with)
- 1 c peanut butter (Jif creamy is my go to but any classic PB - no organic or natural - will work)
- 7 c Rice Chex 
- 4 c powdered sugar

- 1 large mixing bowl
- 1 pot
- 2 large Ziploc bags
- 1 soup ladle or large serving spoon

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