Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Recipes; Tried and True

I started sifting through all of my old recipes again today in an effort to find some good winter-to-spring transition pieces that would be lighter but still warm enough for when i've come from outside and I can't feel my fingers.  Here are a few easy recipes that I frantically pulled off the internet in a last minute search years ago and have served me well ever since.

This Roasted Roma Tomato recipe is from
The Repressed Pastry Chef and as usual for this blog, is a
flawless  recipe, a classic appetizer, and great for bruschetta.
Ps. Don't add the feta until the last minute or
the parsley will turn it green!

A super easy Coconut Chicken Curry
from a Thai recipe site.  While it
takes a lot of ginger and curry to
add enough flavor, be careful not to
overpower the coconut milk.

This Carrot Apple Cake is possibly
one of the strangest and most
requested cakes I have ever made.
It is very much a 'leftovers,' friendly cake
as it uses ingredients you likely already
 have at home and need to use up.
You can also be deliciously lazy and
skip the double layer bit by pouring it all
into a 13x9 pan, though it will be more dense.

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  1. Those roasted tomatoes look insanely yummy. Thanks for the kitchen inspiration! Definitely going to try these :)