Monday, 5 May 2014

Expat Musings of a Southern Soul

This morning, I awoke to a text from a very good friend, asking me why the last post on this site was from 2 years ago. While I can't believe it's been two years, the answer was simple enough - I stopped because the desire to write and the feeling that my views could be of any value to the outside world vanished.

I left London for NYC by way of Dallas, TX two years ago and left my entire basis for writing - an expat in London - behind. When the dust settled and I finally had the time to re-vamp and re-configure my viewpoint, I found that I didn't have one I felt that strongly about anymore. So instead of filling your notifications with useless gibbering about how wonderful NYC is, I took a hiatus. 

That said, I promise that I haven't come back because I suddenly feel like writing another Sex and The City, NYC hopeful blog - no one needs that crap. Nope. Apparently, this girl, who spent the past 20 something years running from her heritage, has secretly been VERY Southern this whole time and after two years, I am ready to admit and embrace it.

So let the Kate Spade, BBQ, country music, and sweet tea worship begin. My Vera Bradley embossed cards are on the table and I am ready to bring an annoyingly bright and sunshiny piece of the South, mixed in with a jumble of confusing traditions from my other countries, to the rest of you.

Ps.To the friend that called me out and brought me back - Thank You 

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