Monday, 12 May 2014

Weekend Update

This weekend, I wore polka dots, leopard print and snakeskin - all in one outfit, went to a Cher concert and witnessed Cyndi Lauper rocking out with Liza Minelli and Rosie O'Donnell, ran a 10K for kidney health in the UAE and drank red wine that smelled like brussel sprouts.

The outfit actually garnered several compliments (someone famous, can't recall who, once said "if you're going to take a chance, you might as well go big"), the Cher concert was so majestic that there are no words, the race was odd but fun and the wine was pretty good....once you got past the smell of veggies.

My mix was a bit brighter but it totally works!

Memorable places from the weekend are:

  • Berry Park (Great beer selection and the Park Fries are delicious!)
  • Smorgasburg (They have two locations but the Saturday edition in Williamsburg is my favorite)
  • ANYplace Cher is
  • East Harlem Cafe (A tiny coffee shop on the edge of Spanish Harlem with super cheap iced coffee and scones, located conveniently close to Central Park)
  • Gourmet Garage (A foodie haven on 96th and Park, perfect for picnic in the park prep) 

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