Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Best Margaritas in Midtown

I met up with a friend yesterday for  my Cinco de Mayo margarita at Sinigual, a Midtown Mexican restaurant. Unfortunately, the rest of Midtown had the same idea. My oh so heroic friend then stepped in and whisked us away to POD 39. My first thought was - pod - that's a Japanese pod hotel right? Now I love sushi but it's not among the normal 5th of May traditions i'd ever heard of. Turns out they actually have one of the coolest bars in Midtown.

For those of you that work in the area, we all know that saying you found a 'cool bar in Midtown' is sadly ironic and kind of sad in general. For anyone from out of town scratching their head at this statement, Midtown is where most of us come to pretend we're grownups and play at finance, non-profit, etc... It's deserted after business hours and the bars are generally happy hour spots on the way to fun dinners in other parts of town. However, I will amend that statement to say that POD 39 makes a mean margarita and has a wait-list of 60-90 people by 6 pm for the rooftop bar (I highly recommend you check it out).

Only one word of caution - the margs are super strong! Not that i'm one to drink and tell but take it easy you're first go 'round.

Cheers and Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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